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Our services

Oasis provides responsive and empowering care and community support services across London with a view to improve the quality of living for the disadvantaged communities and vulnerable service users. Oasis provides the following user-centred services to its clients: 1. Skills training: accredited skills training for local people. 2. Community support services: free provisions for local community members. 3. Care services: personal, practical and support care services.

Personal Care:

  • Bathing/Washing/Dressing/undressing
  • Personal Hygiene and assist in and out of bed.
  • Assist with medication and with eating meals.
  • Use of hoist for transferring from bed to chair.
  • Dealing with correspondence.

Practical Care:

  • Paying bills and collecting Prescriptions.
  • Shopping and preparing and cooking meals.
  • Cleaning/Hovering and Laundry.
  • Other household tasks.

Support Care:

  • Sitting and escorting service.
  • 24 hour care service including sleep-in service.
  • Support with direct payment/ Individual Budget.
  • Support to individuals with physical/learning disability.


  • 2 day induction
  • Apprenticeships
  • Level 1 Courses
  • Level 2 Courses
  • Level 3 Courses
  • Level 4 Courses
  • Level 5 Courses

Support & Growth

Oasis works within 13 boroughs in London allowing to have a wide range of growth and support as all of our carers are fully trained allowing them to be able to complete with the needs of our clients. we also provide guidance and advice.
Supporting Young People