Advocacy Service

For Somali members of the community who are unable to communicate their needs in English we offer a free translation and advocacy service. Advice, information, counselling, interpreting and translation services for the Somali community, including refugees and asylum seekers. We can provide escorts to hospital and other appointments with agencies where an individual would welcome support with language and better understanding their options available from mainstream public services such as housing, benefits, education and health.

The aim of our advocacy service is to make sure people are protected and their rights are met by providing an opportunity for views to be listened to and properly considered. An advocate can provide support by:

  • helping you to say want you want
  • making sure your voice, wishes and feelings are being heard
  • listening to you
  • helping you make a complaint
  • making sure you understand your rights and that your rights are being respected
  • obtaining the services you are entitled to
  • supporting you in important meetings