Supporting Young People


OASIS is able to offer a range of Apprenticeships for people aged 16 to 24 years old who are seeking a professional career in the Health & Social Care sector. We offer a mixture of on-the-job and off-the-job training. On-the-job you gain key transferable skills like working in teams, problem solving, communication and using new technology, and off-the-job you spend time working towards a recognised qualification. Those that are successful in completing their Apprenticeship are offered a permanent contract of employment with OASIS.

Football Sponsorship

For many years OASIS has sponsored the Hilaac Football Team with the aim of encouraging young Somalis aged 16-25 to be inspired to achieve their goals. Games are played in the Championship League of the Somali Football Federation.

Parenting Classes

OASIS is an organisation that values helping parents give children happy childhoods and a bright future. We provide parenting classes intended to educate parents about the role that they can play in their children’s schooling. It has attracted a lot of local parents, mainly from the Somali community in the Woolwich area. We work face to face with parents and our training materials are well grounded in the latest thinking in parenting and child development. Mums and Dads (and grandparents and other carers) gain skills and information which make bringing up children easier and more fulfilling. These skills are easy to understand and because habits take time to change we offer of support in applying strategies for a healthy family life.