Mental Health Support

Oasis recognises the importance of community based projects and has got a good track record in assisting people with mental illness and personality disorders to regain confidence and engage in society and working life. Our work initially started with local people, mostly refugees, in the Woolwich area. Our support through the project is aimed at

  • helping reduce the sense of isolation experienced by Somalis with mental health difficulties
  • Help increase well-being and self-confidence of Somali mental health service users
  • Provide advocacy and interpreting support to Somali mental health service users to help them understand and access mental health and other social welfare services

In recent years we have been involved in supporting a mental health programme in Somaliland. The collapse of the Somali State and the ensuing civil conflict had meant the increase of large number of people’s vulnerability to mental health illnesses or disorder. Oasis started a project in the town of Burao (Somaliland) in partnership with a local organisation to promote and raise awareness of mental health problems within the wider community and to reduce stigma and discrimination.