Finance Team

Mr. Mohamoud Ileye, Finance Director

Mr. Mohamoud Ileye joined Oasis in May 2000 as an Outreach Worker. He soon realized that his strength and talent was in finance and after a while was promoted to a Finance Officer and over the years, through training and development, he managed to achieve his goal as Finance Director. Mr. Ileye oversees all the financial aspects of the company strategy in terms of business growth and profitable outcomes. He sees a brighter future for the organisation and says that “I am excited about the future for Oasis and look forward tackling challenges and embracing opportunities”.

Mr. Nassir Ismail, Finance Manager

Joined Oasis team in 2009 after completing his BA in Accounts and Finance in Bournemouth University and went on to finish his Master’s also in Accounts and Finance in Greenwich University. He started as a Finance Officer but later on progressed into his current role of Finance Manager. Although Oasis uses automated accounting systems he is responsible in budgeting and projecting cash flows determining how to invest and finance projects. Mr. Ismail is cognizant of the enormous responsibilities that he and his colleagues in the finance department have in their shoulders and admits the challenges they face every day in order to ascertain that the accounts of the organisation is managed properly. He says that the “future is bright with this exciting professional and leading organisation in the care industry”.

Mr. Lamin Kamara, Finance Officer

Lamin Kamara joined Oasis back in April, 2008 and has been part of the Finance Department and responsible for assisting in budget preparation and management activities. Mr. Kamara has got BSc Hons Degree in Applied Accounting and is part qualified Chartered Accountant. He is responsible for 8 out of the 22 London Boroughs that Oasis has got care contracts with. Along his colleagues Mr. Kamara fully utilises automated systems namely; ezitracker, provider portal and which enables the Finance Department to work smoothly. He is keen to exert the full extent of his knowledge in the handling of the organisation’s finances. Mr. Kamara is confident about the future and says that “it feels like home to work in Oasis and once I can be given the opportunity to put in practice what I have studied, I will be very much happy to stay here as long as I live”.