Community support services

We support people who are struggling to access publically funded services and engage with their local community. This can because they feel socially excluded, but often it is due to language barriers and lack of awareness on the full range of options and opportunities they have.

Examples of the type of support we can offer are:

  • Practical and/or emotional support in dealing with everyday matters.
  • Accessing employment, training or education.
  • Liaison with or referrals to other support agencies.
  • Help with accessing and maximising welfare benefits.
  • Advice with budgeting and dealing with utility bills.
  • Advice in accessing alternative housing.
  • Resettlement advice when moving to a new home, including getting furniture.
  • Help to access culturally specific services.
  • Help to improve confidence and self- esteem.

If we are not able to help with a particular issue we will find out the right organisation or person who can help. The service has developed links and working relationships with a range of other agencies. These include social housing providers; drug/alcohol agencies; community mental health teams; other social care services; primary & specialist health care services; welfare benefit agencies; legal advice services; agencies for young people and victims of domestic violence; and cultural/community centres and resources.