Performance Management

Our latest performance monitoring survey shows 88% of our service users rating their satisfaction level as either Excellent or Good.

The OASIS care Management Team monitor the effectiveness of our care & support service by

  • Identifying improvements in the delivery of services on a continuous basis and using quality assurance of performance
  • Using monitoring technology to ensure that visits by home carers take place within a tolerable period of time before or after a planned visit
  • Providing customer diaries that identify progress and significant incidents for customers, their carers and multi disciplinary teams that work with the customer
  • Providing performance management information targets and reports
  • Monitoring and reporting on enquiries, concerns and complaints in a routine way
  • To work closely with the in house Business Development Quality Assurance Team to aid more effective management and review of service provision services.
  • Work in partnership with local authorities to participate in utilising our new technology to improve monitoring service delivery to our customers