Our team

Senior Managers

Our Executive Leadership Team ensures that Oasis Care and Training Agency’s services are delivered in the most appropriate and efficient manner. Embracing the rigors of modern management; underpinned by competition and innovation they set the standards for an organisation dedicated to delivering excellent care and community provisions. The Executive Leadership Team reports to the Board of Trustees:

Mr. Mohamed Yusuf, Executive Director

After completing BA (hon.) degree in Architecture Mr. Yusuf worked for a number of construction companies as a trainee architect before he turned his attention to the voluntary sector. Mr. Yusuf trained as a project manager and had been instrumental in the re-alignment of the organisation’s work from community support to its present homecare core activity. Mr. Yusuf completed his Masters in management as well as NVQ Level in Care Management. He has been the Executive Director of Oasis for the past 15 years and successfully led the expansion of the organisation. Mr. Yusuf takes pleasure wholeheartedly in his work and says that “working for a charity is very rewarding as we are able to put something back into the community”.

Mr. Rashid Abdullah, Director of Operations & Deputy Executive Director

Mr. Abdullah is a qualified business administrator and accountant with a BSc in Business Accounting and Administration. He worked for number business settings before he joined Oasis in 1996. He initially started as a Care Coordinator and assumed more responsibility as the organisation grew in strength. Mr. Abdullah believes that having worked as a Care Coordinator he had gained vast experience in the field of homecare and community support. He enjoys working with dedicated team and notes that “the most satisfying aspect of my work is the ability to make a difference to the lives of elderly and most vulnerable people in the community”.

Ms. Pam Thompson, Head office Management Department

Pam Thompson is Services and Office Director and manages all administrative aspects of the organisation. Ms Thompson worked for a very large public sector organisation for 20 years before she joined Oasis in 2002. She decided to work locally and was employed by Oasis as an Administrator. Ms. Thompson completed a Certificate in Management in 2005 and progressed to become Office and Service Manager. She was then promoted to Services and Office Director. Ms. Thompson feels that her job in Oasis is quite fulfilling and says that “the most satisfying aspect of my work is being able to give support and help to my colleagues wherever possible to ensure that we work as a team and targets are met”.

Ms. Mariam Mashood, Compliance officer

Ms Mashood joined Oasis in 2009 as a Care Manager. After completing her NVQ Level IV and the Registered Care Manager Award in 2002, she decided to change direction from residential care which she had done for more than 14 years. Ms Mashood got experience working with people with Learning Disabilities/ Sensory Impairment, Mental Health difficulties and Older People. Her remits range from day to day dealings with local authorities’ enquiries to customer services and care coordination. As services are slowly moving towards the Personalisation Agenda her role also includes dealing with referrals for individualised budget and ensuring that controls and safeguards are in place for Oasis customers. She feels that “the new transition challenges the traditional ways in which care service have been provided”.

Mr. Abdi Ismail, Senior Care Manager

Mr. Ismail first started working for Oasis as a Care in 1997 and continued to work in that position for many years. He has since, through hard work and commitment, progressed to the role of Care Coordinator & Supervisor. Mr. Ismail is now preparing for himself to be trained as Care Manger for Oasis. He is hoping to achieve his dream of becoming a registered Care Manager in the near future. Mr. Ismail sees a promising future in Oasis and says that “he is looking forward to the challenges ahead”.

Mr. Mohamoud Ileye, Head of Finance Department

Mr. Mohamoud Ileye joined Oasis in May 2000 as an Outreach Worker. He soon realised that his strength and talent was in finance and after a while was promoted to a Finance Officer and over the years, through training and development, he managed to achieve his goal as Finance Director. Mr. Ileye oversees all the financial aspects of the company strategy in terms of business growth and profitable outcomes. He sees a brighter future for the organisation and says that “I am excited about the future for Oasis and look forward tackling challenges and embracing opportunities”.


Mr. Nassir Ismail, Finance Manager

Joined Oasis team in 2009 after completing his BA in Accounts and Finance in Bournemouth University and went on to finish his Master’s also in Accounts and Finance in Greenwich University. He started as a Finance Officer but later on progressed into his current role of Finance Manager. Although Oasis uses automated accounting systems he is responsible in budgeting and projecting cash flows determining how to invest and finance projects. Mr. Ismail is cognizant of the enormous responsibilities that he and his colleagues in the finance department have in their shoulders and admits the challenges they face every day in order to ascertain that the accounts of the organisation is managed properly. He says that the “future is bright with this exciting professional and leading organisation in the care industry”.

Mr. Lamin Kamara, Finance Officer

Lamin Kamara joined Oasis back in April, 2008 and has been part of the Finance Department and responsible for assisting in budget preparation and management activities. Mr. Kamara has got BSc Hons Degree in Applied Accounting and is part qualified Chartered Accountant. He is responsible for 8 out of the 22 London Boroughs that Oasis has got care contracts with. Along his colleagues Mr. Kamara fully utilises automated systems namely; ezitracker, provider portal and sproc.net which enables the Finance Department to work smoothly. He is keen to exert the full extent of his knowledge in the handling of the organisation’s finances. Mr. Kamara is confident about the future and says that “it feels like home to work in Oasis and once I can be given the opportunity to put in practice what I have studied, I will be very much happy to stay here as long as I live”.

Admin Team

Ayan Abdirahman, Assessor & Trainer

Ms Abdirahman joined Oasis in June 2004 as an Administration Worker and was later on given the role of training officer. She has since worked hard to enhance her qualification and experience and managed to attain NVQ Level 3 in Management. Ms Abdirahman also completed further training in Health and Social Care which has given her additional skills in terms of the training aspects of the organisation. After completing her CIPD she was promoted to the position of Training and Development Manager and has been making sure that all new carers are properly trained and inducted. Ms Abdirahman says that “she is always keen to support all staff with additional courses which will help them continue with their professional development”.

Care Team

Ms. Fatima Jama, Assessor & Trainer

Ms Jama joined Oasis as a Care Worker in 1999 and progressed to the role of Care Coordinator and Care Supervisor since. She has now been working in the Care Sector for more than 15 years and has gained a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of care. Ms Jama has been keen to advance her qualification and managed to complete her A1 assessor and NVQ Level 3. She feels that her job is both very challenging and rewarding and looks forward to “more rewarding times ahead with Oasis Care and Training”.

Mr. Mohamoud Ahmed, Head of Care Department

Mr. Ahmed joined Oasis Care and Training in 2008 as a trainee Care Manager. Mr. Ahmed brought with him years of experience working in the voluntary sector. His main responsibilities include line managing Care Coordinators and Supervisors. In addition to these remits Mr. Ahmed has been involved in the planning and delivering social care provisions across London. He completed level 4 in Health and Social Care management and Leadership course and has been promoted as a Senior Care Manager and plays an active part in the Oasis management team that oversees the organizational development as well as service improvement. Mr. Ahmed feels that Oasis has achieved quite a lot and notes that “the determination of the leadership and the commitment of the staff are going to bring in more success to the organisation”.

Mr. Said Abdirahman, Care Manager

IMG_0415v2 Mr. Said joined oasis care and training agency 2010 as a trainee care manger.Mr.Said is now qualifying for a level 5 in leadership & management which has built his career to make this happen through oasis care and training.



Jake Spires, IT Technician

Mr. Spires joined Oasis as an IT Apprentice in July 2014. His work is mainly on IT solutions and taking care of office desktops and network problems. Mr. Spires also maintains all the organisation’s computer start ups and makes sure that all the social media works correctly. In addition he has been finalising the updates for the website. He has settled well and learned many great things during his short period for the organisation. Mr. Spires says that “the three biggest attributes Oasis has got is its excellent services for clients, staffs and apprentices”.

Miss Diana Sousa, HR Assistant

Miss Sousa has joined Oasis slightly more than two months ago as an apprentice and settled well in the organisation. She has been involved in various tasks including HR, Administration and Care and has been very helpful and keen to develop new skills and take up more responsibilities. Miss Sousa has become more confident and enjoys working in different departments and learned about the greatly important tasks of the care industry. Her commitment and multiple skills has given her the capacity to undertake different tasks and she expects to progress into a permanent fulltime position. Miss Sousa says that she “hopes to achieve her long-term goal which is to grow with Oasis and join the management team in their efforts to take the organisation into new heights”.

Quality Control

Amran Ibrahim: Quality Control Manager

Amran joined Oasis in 2004 as an Administration Assistant and worked in various areas including the administration department and the HR. She completed her NVQ Level 3 in Business and Management. Amran has also been involved in helping other departments particularly in care coordination and community support services such as interpreting and advocacy as well as other related aspects. She feels quite positive for the future of the organisation and is keen to undertake more tasks to help the development and says that “she believes in the care and community support services that Oasis is doing for the vulnerable members of the society and for those who are experiencing difficulties in accessing services and will be happy to contribute to these rewarding tasks”.