Well Done Farhiya Abdulle

I am writing a reference for my aunt (Iris Mansfield) carer Farhiya Abdulle, who has looked after her for the past year and a half. Throughout this time Farhiya has maintained a high level of care, she is kind, caring and most patient and has a good understanding of Iris's needs. She has built a good relationship with myself and immediate family and friends, therefore making situations easier than they would have ordinarily been. If there has ever been any problem, Farhiya has never failed to contact me, Doctor etc. I find Farhiya trustworthy,sensitive and compassionate and often has gone above and beyond what is expected of her in her job role, to ensure that Iris has always had the best care possible. She has always made my aunt feel safe and secure, and as she has become less mobile, she also helps look after Penny, her loving cat. I wanted to bring this to your attention, as I've never met anyone quite like her, and it is an honour to have made her acquaintance. Gillian Hallett